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Dog Training Sessions at Yellowdog

Yellowdog is delighted to partner with accredited dog trainer Lee Morrow to offer puppy and dog training classes. He shares our ethos and strongly believes that educating owners as to what their dogs capabilities are, is as important as providing dogs with the right level of training required for a happy and healthy life. 

Lee started his military career in 2005 achieving numerous promotions and quickly progressed to a Class 1 Dog Trainer for the Defence Animal Centre, where he managed a busy section training and maintaining working dogs in such roles as obedience, agility, search and protection for overseas deployment. This included conditioning dogs in words of commands to perform actions relevant in their roles and to obey trainers using only hand movements whistles and commands to relocate the modern working dog to a desired location of the trainers choosing.

Lee's knowledge of different types of dog breeds, their intelligence capabilities and limitations, animals husbandry, veterinary care and nutritional needs have seen him excel within this area of expertise. Furthermore, he has trained, coordinated and led military canine missions in the most challenging and hostile environments in the world.

Yellowdog Training Academy offers services for:


  • Trained to perform words of commands and carry out certain movements
  • 1 on 1 home calls
  • Group classes (depending on venue and level of obedience)
  • Puppy classes/Puppy training
  • Group dog walks supervised

Behavioural issues

  • Conditioning the dog to respond with a desired behaviour
  • 1 on 1 (tailoured training to individual needs)
  • Dog aggression (protective of toys, food, people)
  • Nervous aggressive or fearful aggressive
  • Dog to Dog introduction

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35 Innotec Drive, Bangor, County Down BT19 7PD
028 9147 1657

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