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Meet the Team

Ryan Lee

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Head Groomer

Loves: Lazy Sundays | Fav Food: Pizza | Happiest when: Skiing

Rhiannon Kelly

Rhiannon Groomer at Yellowdog bangor


Loves cooking | Fav Food: Ribs | Happiest when: At Yoga

Lisa Rea McBride

Lisa Groomer at Yellowdog Bangor


Loves family | Fav food: Curry | Happiest when: with her children

Lora Thompson

Lora Media at Yellowdog

Design and Media

Loves Dogs! | Fav Food: Italian | Happiest when: with friends

Gareth Gribben

Gareth at Yellowdog

Grooming Assistant

Loves cooking | Fav Food: Chinese| Happiest when: In Spain

Karen Farrelly

Karen Farrelly at Yellowdog Bangor

Web & Marketing

Loves family | Fav Food: Pasta| Happiest when: Running

K9 Staff



Loves: Long Walks, Lazy Sundays and Ryan
Favourite Toy: Not overly fussed with Toys, but loves Treats
Happiest When: Eating & Getting Cuddled up on the sofa
Favourite Treatment: Madra Mor Facial Mud Treatment (literally falls asleep in the bath)



Loves: Long runs along the beach and games (she’s a Smart Cookie)
Favourite Toy: Tennis Balls
Happiest When: Playing Fetch and getting the ball
Favourite Treatment: Soothing Hownd Bath & Blue Berry Facial



Loves: Doing his own thing and ignoring the world around him.
Favourite Toy: A stuffed Burger
Happiest When: Chilling, Sleeping & Relaxing
Favourite Treatment: Hownd Facial Scrub



Loves: Everything and anyone that will pay her attention (complete diva)
Favourite Toy: Anything anyone else has...she wants
Happiest When: Being in the middle of everything
Favourite Treatment: Hownd Full Coat Whitening Treatment



Loves: Barking, Human Cuddles and Chasing Birds
Favourite Toy: The Chicken
Happiest When: Eating & stealing food with Partner in Crime, Mallow.
Favourite Treatment: Pawdicure with Hownd Paw Balm(loves his feet being rubbed)



Loves: Lazing around on the Sofa, propped up on his Pillow
Favourite Toy: Not bothered about toys, but loves Treats
Happiest When: Lisa cuddles him and plays with him (he is more of a cat really)
Favourite Treatment: Soothing Hownd Bath & Whitening Facial


Loves: Cuddles, carrots and chilling out on the sofa
Favourite Toy: Kong wobbler and stray socks
Happiest When: Running in the meadow, digging holes and stealing mums hairbrush
Favourite Treatment: Full De-shed & Madra Mor Mud Treatment



Loves: Swimming in the sea
Favourite Toy: Tennis balls
Happiest When: Working
Favourite Treatment: Soothing Hownd Bath and Brush



Loves: Long Walks
Favourite Toy: Balls
Happiest When: Running along the beach
Favourite Treatment: Pawdicure

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35 Innotec Drive, Bangor, County Down BT19 7PD
028 9147 1657

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